Pride month is special for FLAMER because the three of the co-founders met for the first time on June 1, 2020. They, alongside Hazyl, got together to take down a corporate banner at Stonewall Inn and replaced it with one that read ‘PRIDE IS A RIOT #BLM’. What started as an activist action laid the foundation for a friendship between queer stoners that would later become FLAMER.

As part of FLAMER’s ongoing commitment to giving back and supporting queer causes, this month we (FLAMER and our farmer partner, Jane’s Garden) are donating 10% of the sales of our new pre-roll blend, ‘post nut clarity’ (P.N.C.), to the Transmission Festival. Transmission Festival, founded by Cecilia Gentili, was NYC’s first trans music festival, showcasing the beauty, power, and talent of the trans community. The proceeds of this festival will benefit Black Trans Liberation Kitchen, Queer Art, Colectivo Intercultural Trangrediendo. Read more on this initiative at www.heyflamer.com/blog

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