Intentionally made to preserve high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, concentrates are
known to be pure and potent. That can be intimidating! But more and more people have become
comfortable with dab rigs, and new technology has made it easier to experience concentrates (think portable/handheld vaporizers). But before you arrive at a dab bar or purchase rosin, learn the lingo… and let your fear dissipate like vapor.

Concentrates are a potent cannabis-derived product that packs a punch. While you can vape, dab,
smoke, ingest or sprinkle concentrate on a joint/blunt, start with a low dose and gradually work
your way up to an optimal dose (otherwise known as titrating).

Based on final form

Shatter: Amber to gold resinous bits with glass like consistency. Dab or vape.
Crumble: Mustard yellow and honeycomb texture. Dab or sprinkle.

BHO: Thick sticky oil. Dab, vapor, cook

Butter/Badder/Batter/Wax: Moldable green to golden goo. Dab, vape, sprinkle, cook.

Rosin: Translucent sappy, syrupy, creamy. Dab, sprinkle, cook

Rosin, Fresh press: Glassy, shatter-like consistency. Dab, sprinkle, cook

Rosin, Cold Cure: Fresh press whipped up into a badder like consistency. Dab, sprinkle, cook

Live resin: Dark yellow taffy, jelly-like. Dab, vape, add to joint/blunt.

Crystalline: Solid, single cannabinoid that looks like rock candy. Smoke, dab, ingest

Wax: Amber to gold color. Dab, cook, add to joint/blunt.

Hash: The solid OG that is chocolate brown or khaki green. Vape or smoke.

Bubble Hash: Made with ice water. Inhaled or smoked.

Kief: Tiny, sticky crystals that are light in color, slightly yellow or milky white. Sprinkle.

NOTE: A green or dark tint may mean there is plant matter in the concentrate, which lowers the

NOTE: The best fat carriers for cooking cannabis? Butter and cooking oils. Coconut oil, for
example, contains higher amounts of fatty acids, which help to effectively bind and preserve

Remember, concentrates don’t have to be scary! They are flavorful, smooth, and surprisingly
cost-effective. A little goes a long way.

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